Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Restoration

From A1 Restoration, LLC in Madison, WI

Even when you've had a fairly contained fire or lightning has struck your home or business, the damage can be significant. That's why A1 Restoration, LLC provides comprehensive smoke and fire damage restoration services in the Madison, WI area.

You can count on our team to work directly with your insurance company to make sure you get every penny out of your claim. Before we begin the restoration process, our experts will check your ductwork and electrical systems to make sure you don't need repairs there. We'll demolish parts of your home or business that are unsalvageable, and we'll rebuild them to their original state.

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Why is smoke damage restoration so important?

If you've had a house fire that did damage to your home, you should talk to the experts at A1 Restoration about smoke and fire damage restoration services-even if the damage wasn't catastrophic. Smoke damage restoration services are especially urgent, even for small fires, because:

  • Smoke-damaged items and structures can permanently smell like smoke if not properly restored and deodorized.
  • House fires often burn harmful carcinogens that will stay attached to your belongings without proper cleaning.
  • Lingering smoke odors often trigger allergic reactions and can even be dangerous for someone with asthma.

You can rely on A1 Restoration to thoroughly deodorize your home, business or belongings. We'll dispose of anything that can't be restored.

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